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Top 10 Medical Cannabis Strains 2018. Number 5: CBD Enriched Warlock by Serious Seeds

CBD Enriched Warlock is a phenomenal strain created by the green thumbs at Serious Seeds. Again, as with many other cannabis strains in our top ten, this is created for medicinal benefit. The genetics behind this strain was Warlock crossed with Cannatonic, a strain with substantial amount of CBD, in a collaboration with House of the Great Gardener from Canada. The new strain was lab-tested and had a 2:1 ratio of THC:CBD. The average potency was at approximately 8% THC : 4 % CBD.

CBD Enriched Warlock by Serious Seeds


This plant is indica dominant, and will give a mellow, relaxed feeling. The aromas and smells are very potent and as such the production of flavourful medical extracts (e.g. Rick Simpson Oil) and lotions, cremes or edibles is very popular with this strain.

The enriched CBD has a strong medicinal effect on the body, as does the THC content. This strain however has relatively low levels of THC allowing the user to remain lucid. CBD Enriched Warlock is regularly used to treat Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Tourette-syndrome and many more.

This strain can be is grown both outdoors or indoors. Flowering time is just 55-60 days and each plant has a good yield of 400-500 gm2.  

This is a feminised plant, meaning only female plants will grow. Considering a typical crop has half male and half female plants, and that only the female plants will flower, you are effectually getting twice as much from the same crop. (There is also time saved as there is no need to separate the crop). 

Please be responsible and consider that the growing of cannabis and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries, therefore please check the legal status in your country or state before growing any plants.

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