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Top 10 Medical Cannabis Strains 2018. Number 6: White Widow Auto CBD by Green House Seed Company

Coming in at number 6 in our Top Ten charts we have White Widow Auto CBD by Green House Seed Company.

White Widow Auto CBD by Green House Seed Company


One of the most recognisable strains, there is a reason White Widow has survived through the ages. An exceptional quality strain, that alone may not be suitable for medicinal use, however an equally exceptional company have created a variety of auto-flowering with increased CBD. This CBD strain was indeed produced for its medicinal values. 

White Widow Auto CBD is another in our Top Ten that exhibits a perfect balance between CBD and THC. Between 5-8% of each, and comprises of 40% indica and 40% sativa (20% ruderalis). The flavours are rich and aromatic. The plants grow very short, and are therefore great for both indoor and outdoor growth. 

In terms of the reported benefits, this strain will produce a mellow-high effect, and will be short-lasting. Often used for anxiety, stress, migraines (cerebral) as well as being a physical relaxant. 

Flowering time is 9 weeks and each plant can produce upwards of 500 g/m2. 

This is a feminised plant, meaning only female plants will grow. Considering a typical crop has half male and half female plants, and that only the female plants will flower, you are effectually getting twice as much from the same crop. (There is also time saved as there is no need to separate the crop). 

Please be responsible and consider that the growing of cannabis and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries, therefore please check the legal status in your country or state before growing any plants.


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