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CBD Oil stops seizures in 12 y.o. girl with rare form of epilepsy

Annalise Lujan was taking part in a gymnastics competition in Tuscan Arizona (United States), when she collapsed and found she was unable to walk; her mother told local news reporters.

She was immediately rushed to the local intensive care unit where she was put in to a medical coma. Doctors at Phoenix Chidren’s Hospital diagnosed the young girl with a form of epilsepy known as Febrile Infection-Related Epilepsy Syndrome (Fires). The disease affects only one in one million children.

Having been diagnosed with this rare form of epilepsy, she was prone to life threatening seizures.

However after being treated with CBD, extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, Annalise has now stopped suffering from these symptoms. Once again, by prescribing CBD another young child has been given a new lease of life. 

The condition generally strikes children of school age, who suddenly suffer up to hundreds of seizures a day within a fortnight of contracting a mild febrile illness, like a cough or cold, according to the US charity

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