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CBD shopping! Here are the top 10 tips when buying a CBD product in the UK.

Many people new to CBD and cannabinoid products are full of questions, and quite rightly so! The current landscape is far too confusing; with information, mis-information opinions and stories all being banded around with no fabrication or knowledge as to whether these tales are indeed true or rather the manifestation of someone's creative mind!
People I meet who are at the beginning of their CBD journey often ask me a common theme of questions when looking to buy CBD products. I have tried to answer these through amalgamating 10 tips for the novice consumer: 
  • If you are taking CBD for the first time then begin with a lower strength and gradually increase until you reach your desired level of intake.
  • Consider the different level of absorption in the delivery methods available.
  • Choose a delivery method that suits your personal routine.
  • Consider the extraction method as this will have a major effect on the purity of each product and the potential health benefits on offer. 
  • Find out if the CBD product is made from organic crops, free from pesticides and other nasty chemicals.
  • Think about why you are taking CBD and adjust the strength accordingly. 
  • Lab reports along with a batch number and expiry date should be available on every product. 
  • Take on an empty stomach for maximum absorption
  • Check if the CBD is 'full spectrum' (without the THC in the UK!) or isolate. Know the difference. It has a big effect. 
  • You should only use products you are comfortable with and trust. 


I hope this has been a useful piece for those looking for that first bit of clarity in an otherwise over-complicated new area of health! 


For more information, or if you would like to pose any direct questions, I can be found in 'The Greenroom', where I will be talking, debating and questioning people from all parts of the industry. 


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