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The CBD Health Store ranking system explained

Within every product description there is a clear review which considers the following aspects of each item: 

  • CBD Quality
  • CBD Quantity
  • Value for Money
  • CBD Health Store rating
  • Customer rating
  • Reported Use


CBD Quality is based on three separate categories.

The first, which has the greatest impact on prices, is the Extraction Method. There are three common methods of extraction, however The CBD Health Store does not promote CBD extracted via ethanol / isopropyl alcohol as this method sees the plant soaked in solvent before evaporating the alcohol through heat leaving the oil behind. This is a very cheap way of extracting CBD, and the process can damage the beneficial properties of the plant. There is also a risk that any THCA present will be converted to THC.

We only sell products where the CBD has been extracted via the Supercritical CO2 Method or Carrier Oil Extraction.

The CO2 technique uses high pressure carbon dioxide to keep the plant cool during extraction. This method produces the purest CBD oil whilst preserving all the beneficial qualities. Though this is the most expensive method, this is also the most reliable.

Carrier Oil Extraction uses a separate oil (usually olive, coconut or hemp) to produce CBD. This method is proven to effectively extract the cannabinoids, though they are also used to dilute stronger CBD products. These oils made with neurotoxic solvents may result in residues impeding the immune function and beneficial qualities.

The second category in our quality testing the CBD Origin. We investigate whether the CBD has originated from organic, non-contaminated crops. These crops must be free from pesticides and heavy-metal, and have no chemicals or other additives present. 

Finally, we request and check batch numbers and Lab Results. Any reputable company will be able to provide these to show the authenticity of their products. 


CBD Quantity is also broken down into three sections.

  • The first is an indication of how much actual CBD is in each product.
  • This is followed by the total amount of product contained and type of packaging.
  • Lastly, the percentage of CBD in each product is clarified. 


Value for Money is a direct calculation of how much CBD you are getting for your pound, taking into account the extraction method. This also considers whether the CBD is full spectrum or isolate. Finally, the farming process is noted, specifically if the crops are modified or organic.  


'CBD Health Store' and 'User' Rating's is a simple rating system where each product can rank up to 5 stars. (Any user is welcome to add their personal rating which will get added to the overall result). 


*Reported Use can be very helpful for customers looking to seek more information on how each product is used and what for. This information originates from customers therefore The CBD Health Store does not take any responsibility for content. (These recommendations are not intended as medical advice, as CBD is not considered a medical product in the UK by the MHRA. CBD is sold as a food additive under the UK authorities.) 


Here is an example of what the guide will look like:


*All products advertised herein by CBD Health Store are not in any shape or form advertised for sale as medicinal products. We do not make any claims of medical benefits from the usage of our products. If you are unsure about anything, please consult with your doctor.