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Bottega Della Canapa Baby Bath Oil - Hemp Oil

Bottega Della Canapa Baby Bath Oil - Hemp Oil

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Bottega Della Canapa Baby Bath Oil with added Hemp Oil. Another fine product by our friends in Italy. The creators have been able to mix lavender essential oil with hydrating baby oil which gives a soft and soothing effect for your baby's bath time.  This delicate natural combination can be used on both hair and body and has been designed to make the bath time a relaxing positive experience for you and your baby.

This product will benefit your baby's skin by allowing it to retain moisture, and the calming aroma of lavender will ease any tensions, and help the baby relax and unwind. A great pre-bedtime routine.  

For the best results, simply apply a little dose directly onto the skin and massage the organic baby bath oil with a wet sponge into the skin.

    * 200ml Baby Bath Oil with Hemp Oil (Hair & Body)
    * External Use Only
    * Apply Small Dose & Gently Massage with a Wet Sponge

Ingredients: Rice Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Cannabis Sativa Oil (Hemp Oil) & Lavender Essential Oil

Bottega Della Canapa creates high quality natural hemp based cosmetics and bath products. They are based in Italy. Their belief is that organic skin care is very important, and that you want only natural products applied to your body, produced from 100% organic ingredients to the highest possible standards. Bottega Della Canapa recognises this and produces a full range of natural products.