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CBD Bath Bomb by Taylor Mammon
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CBD Bath Bomb by Taylor Mammon

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A UK product, this CBD Bath Bomb from the creators at Taylor Mammon has caused quite a stir! A fantastic CBD product in the bodyshop category at the CBD Health Store. This Bath Bomb will change bath-time forever!

Treat yourself to some bath-time fun with this jovial addition. Allow yourself to drift into a world of CBD, essential oils and scented salts. Melt away in a concoction of the finest aromas, the smoothest sensation and feel replenished, refreshed and relaxed! 

Each Bath Bomb contains 100mg of CBD. There have been reports from the general public that this CBD product is good for Eczema, Psoriasis, skin rash and irritation, and acne. 

Comes in a variety of scents; Lavender, Citrus, Vanilla, Seabreeze

Please note, this is not a cosmetic product.