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CBD Infused Coffee by Equilibrium CBD - 250g

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Buy this CBD coffee today and tell us what you think. So far, we have received very positive comments about this product.

The coffee beans originate in Colombia, developed from a single crop, and are medium roasted. Scents and flavours include walnut, toffee, and citrus. 

What is great about this product is that there is no major taste alteration to the coffee itself. This is due to a particular method of production. More importantly however, by adding CBD you will experience the reported benefits that this cannabinoid is known for. The CBD will balance any possible shakes or jitters, and may also impact the insomnia attributes that are often associated with this drink.  

High quality, lab tested CBD is used for this infusion. The CBD originates from the US.

This CBD coffee comes in two sizes; 100g or 250g packs.