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Dutch Passion's CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel - 7 seeds - Feminised
Dutch Passion's CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel - 7 seeds - Feminised

Dutch Passion's CBD Auto Charlotte's Angel - 7 seeds - Feminised

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Charlotte’s Angel is a fantastic, well-designed strain of cannabis for medical use. The CBD levels in this strain are very high, exhibiting up to 16% CBD, whilst the THC level is very low, always under 1%. This plant is a sativa dominant type with a non-psychoactive variety offering medical benefits without the high, delivering a strong body effect and a calming, anti-anxiety experience. 

As such, Charlotte’s Angel is loved by cannabis users that want to enjoy a joint without getting stoned. The plant is also suitable for making concentrates. You get a pleasurable experience with the same taste and smell as a high-THC plant. When taking, you will feel medicated, though you are not high, and it will gives you a positive experience of well-being. It is very hard to explain as it is a very unique experience, best way is to try it out!

A fabulous strain, it's genetics come from crossing Dutch Charlotte (CBD rich clone) with Red Angel (clone-only Amsterdam CBD variety). As expected with such high levels of CBD, this is a sativa dominant strain, meaning it is very suitable for daytime use. The flavours are earthy and herbal, with a hint of pine. The plants grow to an average height of around 100cm.  

In terms of the reported benefits, this strain can be used for a variety of conditions. The enriched CBD has a strong medicinal effect on the body. 

This strain can be is grown both outdoors or indoors. Flowering time is 10-11 weeks and each plant has a very high yield.  

This is a feminised plant, meaning only female plants will grow. Considering a typical crop has half male and half female plants, and that only the female plants will flower, you are effectually getting twice as much from the same crop. (There is also time saved as there is no need to separate the crop). 

Please be responsible and consider that the growing of cannabis and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries, therefore please check the legal status in your country or state before growing any plants.