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MariPharm MariDrops 4% (400mg CBD) - 10ml bottle

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Mari Drops - 4% Pure CBD in Hemp Seed Oil

Coming from the creators at MariPharm is their addition to the CBD oil drop range; coming in a 4% strength in a 10ml bottle. The CBD oil has a neutral taste, is odourless and clear in colour.

This product is great for those wanting to increase their daily health, and can also be used in higher quantity for those that are seeking a high level of CBD to address any condition. 

MariPharm was launched in 1995 in the Netherlands with the aim to undertake market leading studies and research into cannabinoids and cannabis, as well as liaising with official governing channels on how the benefits of medical marijuana can have an impact on the health and lifestyle of a population. 

The company, through advanced technology and creative thinking, have developed a unique way to extract the cannabinoids, including CBD, that results in a very pure, high quality oil. 


Dosage:  3 drops 1-3 times a day. Place the oil under your tongue and leave for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

Ingredients: 400 mg CBD in 10 ml of hemp seed oil. Our CBD oil contains no related substances such as THC except in trace quantities of less than 0.05%, which falls well below the guidelines of 0.2%.

Storage: At or below room temperature (25°C), outside range of UV (sun) light