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MariPharm MariSpray 4% (400mg CBD) - 10ml bottle
MariPharm MariSpray 4% (400mg CBD) - 10ml bottle

MariPharm MariSpray 4% (400mg CBD) - 10ml bottle

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MariSpray - 4% Pure CBD in Hemp Seed Oil

A new product to hit our shelves is the MariSpray. Extending their range, MariPharm have produced a CBD hemp oil spray, and as with their CBD oil drops, the strength is 4% and is delivered in a 10ml bottle. The CBD oil has a neutral taste, is odourless and clear in colour, quite unlike many other oils in the market today.

A fantastic product for those not enjoying the drops, and a superb way to get your daily intake of CBD giving you that extra boost. Equally great for those who are targeting conditions and are looking for an increased amount of CBD. 

MariPharm was created in 1995 in Holland with the objective to complete advanced studies and analysis into cannabinoids and cannabis, as well as providing local and regional governments with official news on how the health benefits of medical cannabis will positively effect an entire nation.  

Over the years, MariPharm have developed a bespoke and unique processing method on how to extract the essential oils, cannabinoids, and CBD from the plant. As such their extracts are of the highest quality, uncontaminated and pure. 

Dosage:  3 drops 1-3 times a day. Place the oil under your tongue and leave for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

Ingredients: 400 mg CBD in 10 ml of hemp seed oil. Our CBD oil contains no related substances such as THC except in trace quantities of less than 0.05%, which falls well below the guidelines of 0.2%.

Storage: At or below room temperature (25°C), outside range of UV (sun) light